LGBTQ+ Film & TV

Model FAQ

1) What kind of Content do you make?

We make LGBTQ+ films and digital content for cinema and online streaming and digital sales platforms.

2) What makes your brand different?

We are fair trade and ethically produced porn led and influenced by queer voices from people in the sex work and adult film industry.

3) Do you have to get naked?

NO! We believe in CONSENT and communication. If you want to model for us we only go up to the level/stage that the model is comfortable with.

4) Privacy and Anonymity?

Yes! We care about your career and school and public appearance. We can put a mask/hood/box on you OR blur out faces/tattoos etc … well really do anything to make you feel better about being on the internet.

5) What about the paperwork?

Yes! All of our models are 18+ and have to prove legal age with two pieces of government issued ID. A model release form and waiver that are U.S.C. § 2257 & 28 CFR §75.1 compliant are signed as well as rights for the model's appearance to be used for commercial purposes and distribution. We believe in informed consent so be sure to continue reading this model FAQ and any paperwork you sign. For privacy all of these documents are kept secure and are not released to the general public.

6) How long does the average shoot go?

Generally we try to nail all three stages in a 3-hour shoot. Sometimes it is longer or shorter depending on the size of the production.

7) When you film, who is on set?

It depends on the type of production but usually:

  • Darby (she/her) the Director
  • A vetted photographer or second Camera Operator.
  • Models
  • FX makeup artist (for any crazy shoots)
  • Consent Monitor or Intimacy Coordinator
  • Occasionally Alex (he/him) the Producer (very rare)
  • Safety/Security/Public Relations (for public shoots)
  • For larger productions we may also have vetted Grip/Lighting Techs or Production assistants.

8) Do you make lots of money?

No. Adult film production is not like it's portrayed in Hollywood movies or the 90s golden age of Pornography. It's hard work with long editing hours and marginal pay. However, the more films you make the more passive income you make. We decided to share in the process with collaborators so every stakeholder gets fair pay or ability to sell the final product (read more about this in question

9) Who gets paid and how?

Please refer to our Guide on "Different Kinds of Projects 101" for general information. For $$ we have a few options:

  • You Hire us: If you want all the content for yourself you pay us (just like any other photographer) for producing high quality content for you to sell on your platform Email us for our rates. *We prefer traceable and transparent E-transfer. We require a non-refundable deposit for those hiring us.


  • We Hire You: We pay you to be in our content and we sell and release it.


  • Rev-Share: If you would like us to own and sell the final product on our platforms (as you may not yet have your own platform) then we do revenue sharing and you will get a percentage of the final net profit.


  • Collab/Trade: We trade professional services and both get a copy to sell on our own platforms. We trade our time/production/editing for your time being a performer in the content.


  • Project Trade: We film a project for you and you perform a project for us. Each of us sell the individual projects on our own platforms.

10) What about Sex-Safety?

We use sexual protective equipment. Everything is sanitized and sterilized. If there is any shoot/scene that fluid transfer happens (genitals to genital or mouth to genitals) we require that all performers have been tested recently (within two weeks) and are of a clean bill of health. Generally, we are all tested every two weeks.


If you live in Vancouver, British Columbia: we recommend getting tested here: 


Results need to be submitted 24hours prior to performance to  *We reserve the right to refuse/cancel booking if test results are out of date*

11) What about mental health and wellbeing?

We support and accept neurodiversity. We have worked with models who would consider themselves neurodiverse and have a variety of personal mental health journeys. We accept those with neurodiversity as long as everyone is coherent and clear in giving consent. Generally we are understanding if mental health issues come up and we usually give callbacks regardless... BUT two-or-more no-shows is a no-go.


*We do not tolerate abuse, slander, defamation of character or harassment against staff, photographers, or models. We will take necessary means, including legal action, to support and protect workers in this industry.

12) What about informing ongoing consent?

As mentioned above we value consent above all things! For this reason we do a detailed model intake where you will list your “do’s and don’ts” so we know ahead of time what your limits are. Prior to filming we will sit down and have an in-depth negotiation where each portion of the scene will be broken down and consented to. Additionally consent forms will be signed as part of the model agreement to show informed consent. Safe words are used during shooting and everything will halt immediately if any performer calls the safe word. There will be no punitive measures or bullying for using a safeword. We encourage comfortability during shooting and hold the safety of the model/performers above the production.

13) Drug use? Intoxication?

We do not tolerate illicit/illegal substances being used on set. We prefer clear and coherent consent from all of our models and production crew. We will celebrate after with a drink! Our favorite place is Odd Society.

14) Are you inclusive to BIPOC?

YES! This shouldn’t even be a question. We believe in equality and equal rights. We want to decolonize mainstream “porn narratives” and instead affirm distinct histories of BIPOC performers/models. In each production we perform an analysis to ensure we promote unlearning “typical” narratives while still appealing to the general consumer. This means progressively working towards a new era of Adult Entertainment. For more information click here.

15) What platforms do you use to distribute?

We use social media, adult websites, tube sites, Onlyfans, AVNstars, and clip stores. We like to use mainstream platforms in order to actively influence the industry. In order to educate the consumer we must deliver to where the consumer is. However, we respect that certain content creators like to exclude themselves from being on certain sites. During the model intake please inform staff of any hesitations you may have. On the Model Release Form (2257) there is also a section dedicated to content exclusion requests. If you would like more information please submit a request here.

16) How long do I have to wait to get content?

We prioritize paid clients. If you have paid us to produce and edit content for you it will be completed within 3-5 business days. 


For Trades or collabs it depends on the size and length of the project. Our typical turn-around is 14 business days to 30day for longer projects. Full length feature films can take months in post-production. We will keep all stakeholders informed of the post-production process and work out a fair distribution plan.

17) How do I get started?

Send us a brief bio and sample of your look to We accept all shapes, sizes, orientation, and gender. Let us know what you are generally looking to experience or are comfortable with doing and we will try to fit you in!

Next Steps: What to Expect

Step 1: Apply Below to let us know you are interested.

Step 2: We will eventually respond and send you a Model Intake Form questionnaire for you to complete. Click Here for the Form

Step 3: We will do a follow-up phone call to discuss your intake form.

Step 4: We will find calendar dates and book your project.

Step 5. You will go get tested. Valid STI testing results are required to be submitted before shoot day. Covid Testing may also be required.

Step 6: Production/Shoot Day - Bring you Valid government IDs and we will sign paperwork before lights, camera, action!

Step 7: Post-Production (Editing) see status updates on your project.

Step 8: Distribution and Marketing of the scene. Hyping up of the scene on our platforms as well as you receiving your copy of the project.

Step 9: Follow up and rebooking you for future shoots (Jumps back to Step 4 and repeats).